Make your way home from work safely, with your Dynamic Defence pepper spray.

Feel safe at home, with your Dynamic Defence Pepper Spray.

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Security Solutions United specialises in razor wire anti-climb security fence toppers, palisade fencing, 358 mesh fencing and Dynamic Defence pepper spray. Our diverse security product range is designed to increase safety and deter intruders from entering homes and businesses of all sizes in Australia.

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Our Categories

Razor Wire Security Fence Toppers

Flat wrap razor wire

Our razor wire anti-climb security fence toppers deter intruders from entering the premises to a residential or commercial property. Our barbed tape concertina razor wire products and gnarly fence spikes are highly effective and proven forms of security that can be installed on fence lines, buildings, rooftops, correctional facilities and more.

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Oleoresin Capsicum Pepper Spray

Our Dynamic Defence pepper sprays are legal in Western Australia for self-defence and provide instant and effective personal protection. Whether you’re walking home from work late at night or have recently experienced a crime which has made you feel unsafe, our discrete pepper sprays will give you peace of mind wherever you go.

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Pepper Spray in 3 Sizes

Palisade Fencing

Example of Palisade Fencing

Palisade security fencing provides a formidable, anti-climb perimeter security barrier that deters intruders and burglars effectively. Made from high-quality grade steel and available in a range of sizes and designs, a palisade fence provides a neat appearance along a desired perimeter, which can be powder coated to match an existing installation.

It can also be complemented with a range of razor wire fence topping including concertina razor wire to increase the level of security. The type of palisade design, height and size is determined by the level of protection required, so contact us today for advice or a competitive quote on 0401 178 576 or email

358 Mesh Fencing

358 mesh fencing is at the forefront of all high security fencing systems and is generally used for high-risk areas that require maximum security. This anti-intruder fencing structure is climb-proof, attack-resistant and impenetrable to hands and objects passed through. It also provides a discreet visual impact on the immediate environment. 358 mesh security fencing can be made to order for a range of dimensions so give our Perth-based security fencing team a call on 0401 178 576 or email for a customised quote.

The Security Solutions United Mission

There were 229,598 reported crimes in Western Australia between 2020-2021, according to the WA Police Force Crime Statistics and the number of reported assaults, has risen by 19% over the past five years. Additionally, there were 6,795 reported sexual offences, 1,256 reported robberies, 19,834 reported burglaries, and 12,134 violence restraining order breaches.

These statistics are overwhelmingly high and identify the need for tight commercial security and personal protection. Our aim is to offer our customers a range of products that will provide a sense of security for themselves, those they love and their businesses.

Since 2015, Security Solutions United has been one of Australia’s leading suppliers of residential and commercial security products such as razor wire anti-climb toppers for new and existing fencing, barbed tape concertina razor wire, wall spikes, 358 mesh fencing, palisade fencing and self-defence pepper spray. Our client portfolio is diverse and includes supplying fencing contractors’ security products for organisations such as the Water Corporation and Transport Authority projects across Australia. Learn more about us here.