Razor Wire

Anti-Climb Security Razor Wire

Upgrade your outdoor security with our sturdy razor wire security fence toppers. These inexpensive and highly effective anti-climb products are easily transported. Our security fencing solutions are designed to provide protection and are used nationwide by correctional facilities. Western Power projects, train stations, Water Corporation projects, depots and more.

Our razor wire is manufactured by cold crimping galvanised short barbed tape of 10mm (BTO-10) to a 2.5mm central strand of high tensile wire. The zinc coating of the Barbed Tape Concertina Razor Wire ranges from 120gsm to 275gsm and 90gsm to 275gsm for the central strand.

Our razor wire can also be manufactured in the following blades:

  • Medium blade
  • Long blade
  • Tear blade
  • Fish-hook blade

Browse the details below about our flat loop razor wire, flat wrap razor wire, barbed tape concertina razor wire and wall spikes below and get in touch with us today for more information and competitive pricing. Call us on 0401 178 576 or email matt@ssu.net.au.

Flat Loop Razor Wire (Single Disk) Products

Our short barbed flat loop razor wire consists of individual disks and come in wrapped bundles for easy transport and safety when handling.
Flat Loop Razor Wire
Single Disk Razor Wire

50mm Flat Loop Razor Wire (BTO-10)

  • 100 disks per bundle
  • 22.5m coverage with 50% overlap

550mm Flat Loop Razor Wire (BTO-10)

  • 100 disks per bundle
  • 27.5m coverage with 50% overlap

700mm Flat Loop Razor Wire (BTO-10)

  • 70 disks per bundle
  • 24.5m coverage with 50% overlap

Flat Wrap Razor Wire (Roll) Products

Flat Wrap Razor Wire is single disks that have been pre-joined for easy installation, which can be installed to new or existing fencing, complementing the security of a premises at the lowest part of the fence or above.
Flat wrap razor wire
Close up of barbwire, razor wire

500mm Flat Wrap Razor Wire (BTO-10)

25m of continuous sections

550mm Flat Wrap Razor Wire (BTO-10)

27.5m of continuous sections

Barbed Tape Concertina Razor Wire Products

Barbed Tape Razor Wire is available in two forms:

  • Unclipped
  • Clipped in Concertina form

The coils diameter in Barbed Tape Razor Wire form ranges from 300mm to 1200mm. Smaller diameters consist of three clips per loop and larger diameters consist of five to seven clips per loop.

Concertina Razor Wire
Barb wire fence at dusk - protection of Warsaw airport area (Poland).
Oberpfaffenhofen, Bavaria / Germany - Sept 28, 2019: Detail / isolated view on sharp, curved razor wire. Blue (sky) background. Used at borders, airports, prison camps, military bases.

Security Wall Spike Products

Security wall spikes are a low cost and good deterrent security product. They are easy to install and made from durable, fully galvanised steel. These security wall spikes can be installed along the top of brick or concrete walls to deter intruders, which can be easily attached using the fixing holes within the base.

Surface finish: Galvanised

Length: 1250mm

Pieces per box: 20 (or sold individually)

Why Razor Wire Fencing Toppers Are Necessary

Business crime, such as shoplifting, robbery and vandalism, costs Australian businesses up to $9 billion each year. Every single incident impacts profitability for businesses, increases the cost of goods to consumers, and endangers frontline staff.

Additionally, statistics show over 70% of business-related burglaries happen at night, making it important for Australian business owners to implement tight security fencing measures that deter night-time intruders.

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