About Us

Security Solutions United is an Australian family-run business that has been operating since 2015.

We are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of residential and commercial security products such as razor wire anti-climb toppers for new and existing fencing, wall spikes, palisade fencing, 358 mesh fencing and self-defence pepper spray. We manufacture a variety of blades and diameters of razor wire fence toppers in both galvanised and stainless steel.

Our client portfolio is diverse and includes supplying fencing contractors’ security products for organisations such as the Water Corporation and Transport Authority projects across Australia.

Our aim is to offer homes and businesses a range of products that will provide a sense of security – for themselves, those they love and their organisations. We manufacture discrete, easy-to-use “Dynamic Defence” pepper sprays for personal safety; however, limitations do apply, and it is only available to customers in Western Australia for self-defence situations.

For more information and competitive pricing please contact us at: matt@ssu.net.au or call 0401 178 576.